About Marcus Daniels Luthiery

Originally founded as MD Guitars in 2005 by Marcus Daniels after graduating from the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery, we are now known as Marcus Daniels Luthiery. The goal at Marcus Daniels Luthiery is to build by hand the finest instruments for players by players, utilizing the best tone woods and highest quality hardware and electronics available.
All Guitars by Marcus Daniels Luthiery are finished with the finest water borne lacquer. We use water borne because it is more environmentally friendly, dries and builds faster and cures in a fraction of the time as traditional nitrocellulose lacquers. The finish is also more flexible and chemical and water resistant than nitro lacquers. Though nitro lacquers do get a nice patina with age and get that weather checking that vintage guitars get, we feel that the benefits of water borne lacquer is a fair trade off.
It is the continuing goal at Marcus Daniels Luthiery to provide instruments made entirely of domestic tone woods. By utilizing domestic tone woods we can help support sustainable resources as well as the US economy.  As of right now many instruments are available with both domestic and imported exotic woods. Exotic woods may still be offered as an option even after we have switched to all domestic woods.
One plan for domestic tone wood use is maple for the fingerboard as this is the only current domestic wood that is being used for fingerboards. Typically maple has to be finished so it doesn’t turn grey. This also means there will be finish on the frets which can crack when the truss rod is adjusted. Here at Marcus Daniels Luthiery we are in R&D for use of stabilized maple. The benefit of this would be to render the fingerboard completely stable thus eliminating fingerboard shrinking due to humidity changes – no more loose frets or fret ends cutting into your fingers. Also the stabilizing process will become the finish on the fingerboard – no more finish peeling away from sides of frets and no more finish to wear through.